Spiritual Accompaniment

“The pace of this accompaniment must be steady and reassuring, reflecting our closeness and our compassionate gaze which also heals, liberates, and encourages growth in the Christian life.”            ~Pope Francis, Joy of the Gospel, No. 169

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We  believe personal and spiritual accompaniment should be made available to all the faithful. Traditionally clergy and religious have been the ones to accompany and be accompanied. But now, with the new evangelization gaining momentum, everyone must be initiated in this art. Missionaries with Sacred Heart Ministries are open to accompany any of the faithful in the church, but we believe those most under-served are the lay faithful.

The average adult parishioner is the back bone of the Church. Every adult parishioner, parents, spouses, and singles, need to fulfill their call as missionary disciples. Without this, our parishes and schools will continue to decline, and in the end, no one will carry the gospel to the host of secular activities and places where the laity are specifically called to go. We wrongly assume that because the lay faithful go to mass and/or have their kids in Catholic school, that they are engaged in missionary discipleship.

Missionaries at Sacred Heart Ministries are available to steadily reassure missionary disciples, as they are liberated and healed by the power of the gospel. We commit to reflecting the compassionate gaze of Christ as you grow in the Christian life. If you desire someone to listen, pray for and with you, teach you to pray, and guide you in the way of Christ, one-on-one accompaniment may be just what you need.

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